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Nicole Bowers Wallace is passionate about making films with purpose. As a writer, producer, director and head of NBW Films, Nicole focuses on projects based around social issues, personal stories, and the journey from tragedy to triumph.


Based out of Michigan, Nicole is the recipient of numerous international independent film awards including Best Short and Best Comedy for her documentary Pretty Funny Nicole, Platinum Best Dramatic Short for her film titled Hysteria and Mary Austin Screenwriting Award for a film titled The Teacher and The Student.


In keeping with Nicole’s mission to highlight important social issues, Pretty Funny Nicole is a documentary about actress and comedian Nicole Madjili, a victim of sexual abuse who uses comedy to share her powerful story. Hysteria, another film Nicole wrote and directed, tells the story of a former military intelligence officer who, when faced with a terrorist threat, deals with intense traumatic memories of the Iraq war that muddle his reality.


Prior to becoming a full-time filmmaker, Nicole was the CEO for a prominent healthcare provider. While in that role, she produced and hosted a segment for FOX called Physicians Spotlight in which she focused on specialized physicians practicing throughout Michigan. Nicole’s passion for storytelling and talent for making people feel comfortable sharing personal experiences became evident. She’d found her true calling.


Nicole’s latest project, a feature-length film titled Ring of Silence, shines a light on the dark subject of human trafficking and the vulnerable youth who are targeted and lured into this sinister world. It’s set to be released in Fall 2018. She is also working on a feature-length documentary, Miracle Makeover: Neumann Family, which centers on a family with two children battling cancer and the community that comes together to renovate their home.


While films are her passion, Nicole occasionally takes on selective commercial work for socially conscious businesses and non-profits. Her strong production skills and business background make her uniquely qualified to not only organize and complete an artful, engaging film but also create a unique marketing strategy to promote her client’s mission.


No matter the project, Nicole’s goal is clear. She is a passionate filmmaker determined to tell real stories and further positivity in film.